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Originally Posted by tmichc View Post
It's called me not reading the tooltip properly... Doh! I clean missed the part about the Aux to Battery requirement.

With that in mind, would you recommend sticking A2B in my build somewhere, or sacking off the Horatios and using another brand of DOff?

its a great doff for ships that can use AtB, but that escort isn't one of them, it can already double up all its tac skills, and you need the LT slot for more useful things.

i would suggest 2 purple or 3 blue damage control doffs so you can run 1 copy of EPtS1 and 1 copy of EPtA1 and have them both on full up time, and then ether AtS or RSP. sci skills i would use TSS1, and HE2. HE with all that aux you will have will be great for healing your hull, and TSS can be a life saver when used when you start to take heavy fire.

the rest of the doffs i would use BFI. but theres always new doffs, i don't know enough about them yet to recommend them though
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