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Anyway back on topic, when you get the regent your supposed to have +10 to weapons and +5 to both engines and auxiliary power right but to me it does not seem like it has changed. Atm i have 75W, 70S, 70E, 64A when on balanced power of course and not in sector space.
This reply is a bit late, but no. The Regent power boost is +10 weapons, +5 shields, +5 aux. Engines are explicitly left off the table. This may be, in fact, responsible for the "sluggishness" I have heard some report when regarding the Regent's flight performance compared to the standard Assault Cruiser. In my experience this shaves off a small amount of the turn rate, and definitely reduces the impulse performance measurably (though not by TOO much), so it's probably just within the bounds wherein someone can feel/quantify it.