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11-30-2012, 03:11 AM
B'Rel is my favourite ship. I just won 3 arenas with over 260k dmg each without dying once - with my SCI
i didn't buy it from Zen store, cause i got it as a veteran. That means NO DISCOUNT for veterans??? THANK YOU.

to the fleet b'rel:

- the hull?? lol does not really matter
- a console slot is a console slot, albeit engineering is a little strange choice. nevermind, universal consoles rock
- the price? the 5 fleet modules ... WHY? but O.K., doable.
- tier 5 shipyard. are devs kidding? for the small improvements which fleet b'Rel has do they need us to have a tier 5 shipyard? Why do FED'S get their fleet defiant on tier 3?

so i am happy there is a fleet b'rel, but i won't get to it till summer 2013, i suppose.. and it does not matter so much..

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