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11-30-2012, 03:16 AM

But thats the problem,
you basically waste a turret, because the Borg Cutting Beam (BCB?) is only working if shields are down, and then a Torpedo which is well timed with HY or Torpdeo spread is much more effective.

Yes, I know that, because I have all this weapons.
But I can combine this Ferenei or Quantum Wide angle wepaon with my Torpedo skills.
Not possible for that Cutting Beam!

Valid point, but please be aware, the proc is not per SHOT it is per weapon cycle!
Which is the same for the borg Cutting Beam: one shot one cycle, because the Cutting Beam is a constant beam!
So this means with every 40th shot of your beam you get the proc (as an average value).
I am not fully sure, but this means every ~ 160seconds you can see this proc for 3 seconds.
Too bad if you BOff skills hare on cooldown during that 3 seconds...