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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
So we have a Team Deathmatch and Domination...

We're missing Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, Capture the Flag, and Assault.

I'd also like to see a form of TDM where it's not a 10v10 - but actually allows for a 5v5v5v5.

Speaking of which, there are various options and the like that can add flavor to the various game types outside of just different maps as well.

You can have a Domination where the various areas "captured" actually provide bonuses - might increase damage or healing. Which resources will be most important to the team - to help guarantee them victory in the end?

As PvPvE was mentioned, one could try to add some confusion - throw things off, by pulling a little Ker'rat off in certain maps. You might have Borg, Undine, Tholians, or even Mirror folks showing up in the middle of the fight.

One could go on and on - about how certain things could be changed/improved/etc in regard to PvP... the end though, does PWE/Cryptic see any money in it?
Rumour has it, the PWE folks were not impressed with how Cryptic has handled PvP, something about they were annoyed it didn't work better and so much was so unfinished.

That's just a rumour, and may be thoroughly wrong...

My own suspicion is that STO went F2P as part of following the pattern of "It goes F2P, stops getting development, and eventually dies"...

Except the game didn't, so now some folks higher up are still in "Holy **** damage control" mode-what this says about the future of the game is uncertain, what IS certain, is that you don't lock your PvP gear behind monetization barriers if you don't eventually intend to do something with it. Most of the Maco/Omega/KHG/Borg Assimilated gear is lacklustre in actual STF play-little better than the stuff you can get in the Dil. Store, to be honest.

the abilities only really WORK in PvP. Similarly for the Breen and Jem 'hadar sets, or some of the hyped abilities of the newer ships-the EBC on a B'rel retrofit is pretty much useless in PvE, it only has a purpose in PvP, so their incorporating the FLEET B'rel retro into the line at this point?

Means someone eitehr doesn't understand how their PvE material functions, OR, they're at least laying the gear-groundwork for something to do with PvP. What is it? dunno that. DO know that you don't do major rework of rewards and incorporate new passives into a game that's not going to be here next year-so someone, somewhere, has cottoned on to SOME idea that ends with "We need to make money on this, because it's not going to go away quietly."

So, however clumsy and hamhanded it may be, Stahl and Borticus might actually be TRYING to figure out HOW to implement fixes to PvP...maybe.

It could happen, people get hit by lightening and win the lottery, after all...
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