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11-30-2012, 05:54 AM
Oh come on, it's just some art. One might object that the low cut top is not exactly within Star Trek style, granted, the short skirt however definitely is.

What's wrong with an attractive IMAGINARY lady being on the front page? Before her, there was an admittedly handsome IMAGINARY guy of similarly unrealistic proportions - he's got the thinnest, male-model like hips and waist and the shoulders and arms muscles of some steroids-enhanced bodybuilder. They both have unrealistic proportions, they would both topple over with the weight of their upper bodies if were somehow real, however is it ok to show some impossibly thin, muscle bound guy but not ok to show a thin lady with an equally oversize bosom.

One might object that they don't like the style or execution - that's a different story; One could argue that it was about time to put a hulking starship there and I might agree, although the idea of showing an officer is mostly to attract non-trekkie players, which would otherwise be led to think it's a space only game (I've actually been asked this question often about the show itself, "but do they ever leave the ship? Otherwise it's booooring!").

Last thing, she might very well be Romulan - when Spock was undercover on Romulus on TNG he wasn't altered to have the forehead ridges; Therefore, there must be quite a lot of Romulans not sporting them; At least enough to allow a Vulcan to roam the streets without being identified.