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Bareel, Bareel, Bareel. First off, why isn't your name Barrel? I kept wanting to type that. And before any of your discussion can take place YOU must agree that a hull type (ie. cruiser) will and should always be underpowered when its not used according to its design intent. Clearly a sportscar is overpowered compared to a pickup truck in a race... but the question is why are you racing against a sportscar with a pickup truck

Just a few minutes ago I took my Engi cruiser for a spin. I parked its phat cruiser a$$ next to a gate and tanked it and some spheres, then I sat on a Tac cube tanking it. I know from personal experience that my better equipped escort can't hope to do that. Not even close. If you don't want to tank or heal, don't fly a cruiser without understanding that you will not be as good as everything else at THEIR specialization. Why insist on suffering with a type of ship you clearly don't want to fly? Why do that to yourself? If you think escorts are really so much better then fly one and have fun.
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Before any discusion on balance can begin though there must be consensus that the cruiser hull itself is underpowered. That alone was the purpose of this thread. Not abilities, not weapons, just base hull design.

However now that we have reached, I hope, that consensus their is a wide variety of options available depending on the direction one wants to push the game. There is the equal but different style and then there is the ship role style mostly exemplified in PvP. I am a fan of the equal but different style myself so that is the direction my suggestions will go.
And I do fly escorts and battlecruisers because from a PvE standpoint they are optimal. However I have exhausted my build options in them and would like to use other hulls for variety sake but their current underpowered state annoys me. As does the concept of the holy trinity being used in a star trek MMO while in space.

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There's a misconception that an escort's "tankiness" comes from the flat defense bonus in PvP (in PvE I've no idea why people claim escorts are "tankier"). In truth their best form of tanking comes from using superior mobility to not take damage in the first place: stay out of range of narrow, high-damage arcs, avoid CC (Grav Wells, Warp Plasma), etc.

A properly-built Engie snoozer will outtank a Taxscort by an order of magnitude. Your run-of-the-mill escort simply doesn't have the BOff slots or the skill spec to complement real high-end tanking or healing.
Incorrect, with a dedicated healer the escort is a stronger tank because they can both hit resistance caps, get the same numeric amount of healing, but the escort avoids more raw damage and can better position themselves.