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Because currently the Assimilated Console is already part of the Omega reputation. They are removing an easy free way to get it as their intentions are for us to actually work for it and pay 15k dilithium. That's right. After you unlock tier 1 omega you get a project for the console and it costs 15k dilithium among other costs. It is NOT a store unlock but simply you claim the reward after the project is finished. If you want another console for another ship you have to do the project again and wait another 2 days. The same goes for most, if not all, set equipment through the rep system. Wait 2 days per piece for a total of 6 days for a complete 3 piece set, or 4 days if you do 2 of the set gear projects at the same time.
What's "work" about that ? It has nothing to do with effort but with grind. From looks of things they simply want no one at all to ever bother again with storyline missions but instead focus 100% on dilithium grind and/or marks grind ... otherwise I can't explain this decision . The way the unlocks or claims work is horrible design : grinding dilithium takes no effort at all ( it isn't challenging ) , just time. From their perspective that might seem ideal-because it means they can take lots longer in adding content - but it always backfires . That can and already could be witnessed in other MMO's which attempted the same ploy and which subsequently folded .