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Originally Posted by dalolorn View Post
As in bumping up all cloaks a tier up? That's something I'd be looking forward to, cloaking in this game is equivalent to a stronger Mask Energy Signature, not exactly much good.
It was a sarcastic response to the UFP getting widespread Ablative armor on all vessels as an option.

I would expect the KDF/RSE cloaking to be better than the federation by a small margin.

Say the KDF keep battle cloaking on the BoPs, get the ability to cloak in combat with regular claokinga s well but have a longer CD to do so.

The Feds could cloak in combat as well, I guess, though they would have a slightly higher CD then are regular cloakers.

But honestly its all a sarcasm as I expect teh Devs to no more change claoking than they will give Ablative console a true universal setting.
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