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NOW, on the other hand, the Romulans...the pointed eared P'taq Romulans, with their greasy ways and traitor's hearts? our involvement there is truly...sickening. These are the false allies that attacked us, that betrayed us, that sought to overthrow the empire with not one, but TWO traitor houses on two occasions. I am left wondering if Ja'rod isn't vying for a third try in the name of his Disgraced and Discommended ancestor Duras.
"Ending a battle to save an Empire is no defeat." The Klingons have stopped fighting D'Tan's Unificationists because they have a greater battle ahead (the Iconians) and need to throw resources at that rather than the old hostilities.

That, and D'Tan is trying to make the Romulans honorable. That, surely, must appeal to the Klingons.