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11-30-2012, 06:19 AM
Starleet is in my eyes a hermaphrodite.
Starfleet Makes Zivil Jobs like exploration and it is the Military of the UFP.

M.A.C.O.'s are MArines Maybe yes Maybe no.
I think this is a Point of View.

Maybe MACO is a Stand alone Organisation or maybe there are a Elite Part of STarfleet Marine Corps.

In Roddenberrys Star trek yes there were no Place for Marines but i Think in STO (What is another Timeline/Reality) there will be ok.

But interessting nobody talks about the Last fact i have mention^^
"And at last please let use Choose what Style of Rank Insignia we use on every uniform (Think some Jupteruniforms will look nice with the Enterprise Mirror epaulettes)"

Yes Fleet Capatin and COmmodore are maybe the Same but i know a Rank Insigna for FLeet Captain that have simply 5 Pins