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Originally Posted by tebsu View Post
i am both a fed and a klingon. i have the fleet defiant and i have the brel retrofit.

if you really think the fleet defiant can do so much better, you are just wrong and/or a bad captain. due to the turnrate of the brel (and of course the skills of a good captain) you can pretty much beat everything that is not a crazy science tank. when i fly in my defiant (with a very good configuration) and i find a brel, i try everything to not get closer than f.e. 3km because if he gets too close, he can turn circles around me and i can shoot him with what? turrets? for sure..

so all the whining on the kdf side this time (and as you see, i am kdf myself but i dont have a problem of the brel not getting another tactical console). if you are a good captain and you know your ship, the brel is a pretty good ship. giving it another tac console would make it overpowered. at least i would be because i have a powerful build which exploded the last time like a month ago in kerrat. one more tac console and i would beat the **** out of everyone with even more ease.
Nobody is discounting the B'rel as a PvP ship, especially in Kerret. That's pretty much all it's good for though. If you fly it in PvE, while it might be ok, there are other ships that outperform it in every aspect.