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11-30-2012, 08:10 AM
Nice patchnotes, keep up the good work!

Tl;dr summary of what I like the most:

* Updated the visual appearance of all of the Breen ships.

* The timer should now reliably start after tagging the first epohh.
* Updated the visual appearance of the trees and rocks on New Romulus.
* Updated the voice over audio for the New Romulus content.
* Staging Area event mission updated to increase bug population and make it easier to complete.

* Resolved an issue that prevented several missions from completing.

* Updated New Romulus Mountain Pass - Defeat Tal Shiar Agents mission now completes correctly.
* The Tau Dewa Radiation Scan Daily is now correctly being offered from the Radiation Radiophysicist in the Staging Area of New Romulus after scanning radiation 10 times.

* Fixed various text and formatting errors with descriptions on Romulan Reputation projects.
* All Tier-Up projects have had their durations reduced from 1 hour to 15 minutes.
* All Tier-Up projects have had their Dilithium costs completely removed.
* Significantly lowered the cost of the items in the Omega reputation consumable store.

* Vesta ships now get a recharge reduction on launching Hangar Pets from Auxiliary Power. (not 100% sure about thatone, is it the time between launches or the powerlevels that is reduced? hm)
* Slightly increased base damage of Quantum Field Focus Phaser.

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