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Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
Are humans any different?

As for my choices:

Kazon. Bargain bin Klingon ripoffs. Complete with lice.

Pakleds. Does it really warrant explanation?

Almost all races that look exactly like humans. (Cause, you know, LAZY.)

Floating balls of Light. (Again, LAZY.)
Hey! I like Isabella's race! It was much more creative than most ST races. Short version for those who didn't see Imaginary Friend: her race is as far from humanoid as you can get. The race not only doesn't live in a Class-M environment but doesn't live on planets at all. Instead, they live in the Nebula FGC 47. The members of her race are apparently made of of some sort of energized plasma. I really wish they'd get used again.

But anyways.... Back to Klingons. Truthfully, yeah some humans are just as bad with that honor crap as Klingons are, there are some with actual brains though.

I can haz joystick!
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