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11-30-2012, 08:54 AM
Originally Posted by therealted View Post
Because once you get past the hoochieness, she looks like she tripped while running in heels? The pose is extremely contrived, and that and the costume are obviously geared towards showing off the goods.

She could be just as "sexeh" while standing solid, proud, and competent, in a pant suit. As it is (and I hate saying this as a politically incorrect straight male), it's just plain insulting.

The first part is about the style and execution of the picture; You have a good point, it's a matter of taste and artistic perception. I am more than fine with that.

The second part, I just cannot understand. It is supposed to be an action picture; Probably, a battle situation - she might be dodging disruptor fire, leaping into cover or whatever else. She doesn't look "incompetent", whatever she is wearing, unless the person looking at the picture actually judges a woman by her clothes.

What I find mildly offensive is that if the subject was a burly man, with a ripped shirt, bulging muscles, bloodied face and a tough look on his face (e.g. Kirk in that famous episode), nobody would have been giving a passing glance to it. If it's a woman, then her clothes and heels define her.