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11-30-2012, 08:01 AM
With an engi captain you're not going to be able to put out the kind of alpha that a tac can, so steer away from AP:O. AP:B has better uptime, and it's a group buff, so useful both solo and in STFs / FAs.

Drop CSVIII for AP:BIII. The bonus to all damage will outweigh the cannon boost, especially if you invest in a TSIII in the Lt.Com tac slot. Put a CRF1/CSV1 in the LTs. Without beams the dual TTs are about your only choice, though I'd personally put a THY1 instead of TS1, but that's personal preference I suppose.

Engi wise, I'd personally swap EPSIII for Aux2SIFII, and put EPSII in the LT. Slot. EPW1 gives you a nice extra sustained DPS buff, and is good for helping to deal with weapon drains/disables since you don't have an engi team.

Sci-wise what you've got will work, though I personally run with a Sci-Team 1 and two cooldown doffs against everything but elite stfs. 20% shield heal every 17 seconds is pretty powerful on an Ensign level ability. The ST, TSS, EPS combo also makes you a very tough nut to crack when things go pear shaped, and your Aux2SIF hull heal can generally deal with most bleedthrough (again, not so much in elite stfs).

T4 Omega rep may change some of this, since it's roughly the equivalent to having a permanent TSSII running at all times, but the above will get you through damn near anything the game can throw at you.

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