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Dear Coaches and Other Interested Parties:

Here are some very rough notes from the 4 hours + worth of conversations we had on the 24th. Keep a few things in mind:

- I took these notes while trying to moderate the conversation. As a result they are sometimes fragmentary.
- No attempt was made to polish these notes on the level of grammar, spelling, etc. What you see is what you get.
- We spoke for 4 hours total, so don't expect every word to be transcribed here. I went for big ideas and tried to avoid too much redundancy.

If, however, you see that I have overlooked something important, please accept my sincere apologies and do not hesitate to fill that gap in with a response to this forum.

As the coaches who participated can testify, the conversation was active, generative, and most of all productive. I am proud to be part of such a bright, committed, and skillful team. I was really in awe at the quality of the ideas put forth.


Meeting Date: 24.11.2012
Meeting Times: 7pm EST and 7pm/1900 CET

Introductory Comments (Sargon)

Thanks to:

? Pascal/Tau for allowing us to use this TS and for giving me admin rights to make changes to it.
? Pheo of -x-treme for allowing us access to his TS as well.
? Branflakes and Borticus: for lending their support to this initiative and for attending the meeting.
? drkfrontiers: for creating a website:

The Vision for Boot Camp is Three-fold:
1- To create a controlled, safe, and fun environment where players of all ability levels can improve their game.
2- To create situations in which players can really taste success.
3- To teach the value and necessity of teamwork.

Discussion/Focus Questions
1. Advertisement/Incentivization: How can we maximize?
a. This is top priority in the weeks leading up to our first Boot Camp, Sat. Dec 29th, 2012.
b. This project lives or dies based on player participation. If nobody shows up at Boot Camp to learn, we have no one to teach, hence the importance of advertisement.
c. Current Channels: STO Guest Blog (Sargon will author), Priority One (a number segments), my own blog at Priority One (Warrior?s Way), and I have contacted Tribbles in Ecstasy.
i. Kerrat as advertising forum.
ii. promotion: give out ec?s.
iii. Blog/Podcast Forums: Subspace Radio, Trek Radio, Jupiter Force
iv. Bulletin feature.
v. Ingame PvP FAQ: possible if we, the players, were to put it together.
vi. PvP Tournament, under Boot Camp Umbrella. Rewards for Tournament: plenty of in-game announcements; in-game calendar; system-wide announcements;
vii. Can re-specs be granted as incentives for participation in Boot Camp?
viii. Brandon: If we create the grassroots campaign, then Brandon can demonstrate that there is growing interest. As players, we should focus on what we can do with what we have.
ix. As a supplement to Boot Camp, we can set up regular weekend event that pairs players together, getting people to come up. Set up private maps.
i. PvP with devs, all coaches and participants will be put into a drawing. From that list of names 3 players and two coaches will be chosen to go head to head against Brandon and whatever developer team he can put together.
ii. Other ideas? Devs, is there anything you can do on your end to make Boot Camp more attractive? Zen bonus? Dilithium bonus? (WE ARE WAITING ON ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS, COACHES)
iii. Emphasize that people can come in at any level, gear level, etc. Noob friendly environment. ?Explain, show, practice, feedback.? (model of pedagogy). have him join conversation tomorrow with Naldoran.
iv. Borticus mentioned that we can probably have a unique Boot Camp title for coaches/students.
v. Important that each coach find his/her way to teach.
vi. What are the qualifications for coaching?
vii. Could the foundry be used as a PvP training tool?
viii. Concern expressed about advertising Boot Camp in public zones: some worry that we would be mass reported.
ix. Advertisement in game for Boot Camp? In-game bulletin.
x. Could the devs create missions that require elements of pvp?
xi. Borticus: Had the idea that coach premades could go into ques and allow people to do well and taste success and then offer advice.
xii. Suggestion: When you see someone become frustrated, maybe you could offer to them to do another match with the premade. Be willing to take one person out of your premade.
xiii. Tutorial videos for PvP?
xiv. We need to be asking how Boot Camp is going to help the bottom line for PWE/Cryptic. Let?s say someone wants to spend an hour and purchase time and then they get an extra 10% bonus. Brandon said, however, that monetizing coach time in this way is not possible.
xv. Timeline can be used as a way of pointing people toward PvP scenarios.
xvi. Incentives should be worthwhile and unique to a particular system (does this mean PvP, PvE system?).
xvii. PvP Boot Camp You Tube channel. Line of videos on the Cryptic You Tube Channel.

2. For each event, I plan to provide instructors with a set of goals/skills that I would like students to be able to do: e.g., Students will be able to cross-heal.
a. we need to have a process for conflict resolution between coaches.
b. Should we have a ranking system among coaches and students? Mixed responses to this.
c. Should students be permanently assigned to coaches?
d. There are advantages to mixing people up.
e. Ideal to keep coaches/players together, but there are time zone issues, etc. But it is probably not best to try to keep them all with one coach.
f. Should we have a public channel where people could ask questions generally? Sad Panda Cub channel is available for use.
g. Target calling should not be included as a basic in boot camp.
h. How do we assess skills? Progression he suggests: knowing your ship is key. This should be the starting point.
i. Toward the end of training, we could assign more specific coaches.
j. It would be most valuable, during Boot Camp, to have coaches playing alongside players on a team, rather than sitting off to the side.
k. Training will promote use of retraining token, which generates money. Can tokens be used as incentives? Respec as graduation gift perhaps?
l. Branflakes: respec as an end result? graduation gift?
m. Respec is not an issue at the start of the pvp boot camp but more at the end.
n. Captain Tripwire: skilltree is a basic. STO Academy website could be used to show how a candidate could spec.

3. How should we utilize the website? Central PvP information hub? Would the other PvP players use this? Central comm hub for Boot Camp?
i. Webpage should have Kindergarten things. With very little effort on the STO forums we can come up with the reading guide for the web page.

4. General Comments/Questions
i. Most important thing will be communication between coaches.
ii. Show some courtesy to teams in PVP. Try not to push them to the spawn and outright annihilate them. This isn't an easy task but I think trying to do this more often than not will help this event.
iii. Those who run frequent teams, try and pick up new players and faces and get them involved more in team play. This isn't exactly easy since some players are set that you are cheating, but it's our job to show them we are not and get them involved in more team oriented playing. Whether a actual team or a pickup. Pugging can and should be enjoyable, but lately it just isn't. You either get a team or a pop with 3/5 or have a 5/5 with 2-3 afkers or suicide players. (something really needs to be done about this on Cryptic?s end)
iv. Giving players advice (whether wanted or not) can plant seeds for later improvement. Think of all the times someone has told you something but you really didn't get it. Then the lights turn on.
v. If you have a full team, have a teammate sit out or maybe split your team up so you can pickup with newer players. Show them that good teammates make good games.

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