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11-30-2012, 08:49 AM
I love my fleet torkaht, she's the fat escort the KDF needs, i vary my builds, but as a tac captain i usually have no issues taking all the aggro, and in PVP usually hover near the top in both healing and dmg output, build is as follows:

Tac ltcmdr: TT1, CRF1, APO1
Tac lt: TT1, CSV1
Eng cmder: EPTW1 (gives a lil boost to the alpha), aux to batt (with some doffs of course), EPTS III, Aux to SI iii
Eng eng: EPTS1
Uni lt: HE1, TBR1

Weapons and junk: 4x polarized disruptors mk xii (acc)x2, 3x polarized disruptors mk xi (accx2), and a random mk xii tric mine i like to drop randomly for lolz (i've seen fedbear defiants fly headstrong into a random mine he he he)

oh and 4 purple mk xii disruptor consoles....she's a beast from hell, and one of the worthy KDF fleet ships. Pretty much a tac's best friend.

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