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11-30-2012, 08:55 AM
The Big Dig used to take longer because there were fewer players in it. Now that it gives decent rewards there are more players and with 20 people it goes quickly. It's no longer a painfully slow slog around the trenches in the first phase (and always having to go back for the 4th plant because the next stage begins before a full circle) or having to run around the pyramid over and over again in the second stage. The boss could use a bit of an upgrade, I've had the thing die before I even make it up the pyramid, but otherwise the mission is fine.

The new Gorn Minefield is the same as KDF's Federation Minefield with the Feds replaced by Gorn. It's lightyears better than the old one. While a hundreds-strong fleet could be fun in a simple "kill 'em all" -type mission, you didn't actually need to destroy more than a fraction of the ships. And trying to get the mineral samples from the middle of the stage 1 swarm, when the rest of the team moved on after hitting the kill quota, was like banging your head against a brick wall. The new one is good once the daily is fixed.

Klingon Scout force is good except for two glaring problems:
1. Stage 1 and 2 have too long respawn timers for the Klingons, team ends up flying in circles waiting for more enemy to spawn.
2. The glowing nebula in the boss encounter makes it impossible to see anything.

BTW, why is there no daily for Starbase 24 or Breaking The Planet?