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11-30-2012, 09:56 AM
I must say I'm disappointed at how the Kinetic Cutting Beam currently works, mostly because it just isnt a Cutting Beam. Right now its just a Beam Turret that deals Kinetic damage.

A Cutting Beam is supposed to be a beam of directed laser energy used to cut open the hull. Because its a small laser its energy output is too low to damage shields, that's why the Borg first brought down the shields of the Enterprise-D in the TNG episode "Q Who" (2x16) before slicing open the hull.

The Cutting Beam thats currently ingame acts exactly like any other weapon when it hits shields: 90% of the damage it normally deals is being dealt to the shields and the other 10% bleeds through to the hull.

The Cutting Beam also shouldnt be affected by any skills, stats or abilities because its main use is to make a surgical cut in the hull.

What I'd like to see as a real Cutting Beam is something that doesn't damage the shields whatsoever and deals lots of damage to the hull, comparable to a torpedo hit, when the shield facing is down.