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11-30-2012, 10:20 AM
Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
that only would only make sense if it comes with 10 consoles slots like all the other Fleet Ships + the Transwarps on top of it. Is that the case?

and nobody was opposed to having the T5 excelsiors Transwarp changed into a console back when they wanted to do it! But Cryptic removed certain Transwarp locations from the Tier 5 version and added it to the Tier 3 instead, Transwarps that we already payed for!
And that got a very negative response of course (nobody was opposed to turning it into a console and getting an extra console slot IF the power itself had stayed unchanged).

Instead they just rolled it back completely and now the Transwarps can not be moved to another Ship, and can not be removed for an alternate console either...

but of course we can all buy those Transwarp consumables in the Dilithium-Store for just 35000 Dilithium ...per Jump. Because that is so economically logical to grind dilithium for 5 Days instead of just flying there with Warp. (i doubt anybody in their right mind has ever bought that item... if it was a permanent transwarp for 35000 i could understand but a consumable? LOL! )
I wondered about that also... was hoping that somebody would come back to us and say, "Oopsie, to many Zeros..." and They would fix it.

Guess I thought wrong.