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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Let me settle my viewpoint on the war once and for all.

I am not against the war ending.

I am against how Cryptic is forcing the end of the war seemingly to appease the fed fanbase whom do not understand it without ever fleshing the war story out so the player as he/she progresses of the ranks so the discovering of teh Iconian/Undine plot becomes apparent to the player allowing said player to slowly progress from being in a war mindset to a mindset that says this is wrong and I will be the hero that fights the good fight, even against the orders of my superiors becuase honor ( or duty to peace if a fed) demands I protect the Empire - if even from herself.

We have none of this in STO accept haphazzard attempts that fail to impress the story upon the fed player and nothing that allows any player to progress from Blind Follower to Fore-sighted Hero.

Instead we have imposed peace becuase of "time issues" or other excuses in endgame missions that push teh peace instead of letting the player find it on their own with no regards to the STO Path to 2409 backstory.

Right now STO is a Job that one clocks into do get paid so one can buy stuff form the company store. It has littel story that draws one in and gives purpose to ones climb up the ranks before endgame hits and the real jobs begin.

Thats just not fun. Gimme a game to enjoy instead of a job to dislike overtime becuase nothing changes or matters if I continue to work work work.
Well Said!!