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Originally Posted by captainpatrick82 View Post
Why not add a little more randomness to the universe with random distress calls. Sh'Mar is a cool one but there should be others like broken warp drives where you will need to provide warp cores and maybe (if you are an engineer) actually beam over and do repairs. What about rescues from crashes on desolat or hostile planets and other areas? Remember when Worfwas lost for days in the Badlands with only the sound of his singing to keep him going?
I'd suggest it be even smarter than that.. how about those built-in freighters in sol, etc, having routes, across the universe.. and what items they sell being somehow related to their routes.. and of course, system failures can happen. So, you might end up meeting a freighter somewhere near drozana with a blown warp drive, go aboard and help fix it.. and in trade you get a commodity that ship just picked up at drozana.

You could hail a freighter on it's route, it'd stop and sell you things.. instead of the ships just.. sitting there.