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Originally Posted by torsten1009 View Post
These are not just nice patch-notes, I would say it's "Cryptics U-Turn-Patch"... When I remember the first time I saw those Reputation-Projects on Tribbel, I remember that you had to put Dilithium into them, now you get Dilithium out of them!

There are still a few tweaks Cryptic could do, for example: I don't know how a new character is supposed to get Dilithium (except the Dilithium Exchange) to grind up Doffs, to contribute to Fleet-/Embassy-Projects and so on...
What do you think? Do you think somebody who is new to the game and is supposed to put money into it would stay, or would he just stop playing? Cryptic, these new people in the game could become paying customers, but they won't put money into the game just after they first launched the game.
Do I need to explain you the free to play concept? I'd think you missed one important letter, it's not "free to pay"!
Ok, at level 7 for Fed (22 for KDF) you can start using the DOFF system, which every DOFF Assignment I have seen gives you 5 DI, not a lot, but it is something. Then at I think level 9 for Fed, you can start DI mining in the Beta U sector, in the Vulgata asteroid belt.

Now when I first started playing I could make level 10 in like two days... now I do it in one day by running Stranded, then doing all the patrols in the Regulus and Siruis Sector Blocks...

That means a new player that asks for and receives decent advice from veteran players CAN start using the DOFF system and daily mining inn Vulgata to start earning DI one to two days after they start playing... not to hard to do.
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