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11-30-2012, 10:22 AM
I run an Excelsior cannon boat captained by a Tactical officer and there might be some merit to replacing one rear turret with the cutting beam. I see this as mostly a cruiser weapon and a replacement for a torpedo launcher.

My ship is an all disruptor single cannon/turret build, with cannon scatter volley 2, attack pattern beta 1, and the obligatory tac team 1. I found it's not worth the effort to mount a torpedo on a cruiser since I don't have the tac slots to make it worthwhile, plus it's hard to keep an enemy in a 90 degree front arc reliably, even in an excelsior.

The cutting beam on the other hand, doesn't suffer from the 90 degree angle restriction which means I can use it at any time, and it doesn't use up a front mount, which keeps my heavy hitting weapons in place.

I lose some area of effect DPS, but not huge amounts (I didn't notice the loss of a turret when I was playing with Tricobalt mines). But I do gain some reliable single target DPS, especially against unshielded targets.

I can't see where this weapon would be effective for escorts, who can mount torpedos and back them up with BOFF skills and have the maneuverability to use them when needed. It's probably not a science vessel thing either. But it has some promise for cruisers.