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Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
I kind of agree, space battles just don't feel massive enough, the ships we are flying are huge with firepower that could lay waste to a planet. Sound effects are a big part of the problem, weapons fire and explosions should have a deep rumble, more kaboom and less pew pew if you understand what I mean.
As for zooming to the bridge this has been discussed ad-nauseum and for the most part seems outside of the game engines abilities. It's never a good idea to compare this game with a different Star Trek product and think that features of one could work with another.
As for 360 degree motion, while I agree, it's space, so there is no limitation on degrees of freedom, but it should be remembered that you rarely see in the movies or tv series scenes where a ship is flying inverted or at right angles. All of the motion scenes always give a sense of up and down, banking instead of rolling, ascending instead of flying straight up, more like the limited maneuverability of large aircraft or submersibles as opposed to the aerobatics of a fighter jet, rolling into a dive on a target is something you normally don't see the big ships doing.
Don't feel massive enough? Do a 10v10 PvP and see the problem with that.

If it's enemies you want, do the No-win scenario or a Foundry mission with lots of NPC enemies to shoot at.

Also, on the 360 degree maneuverability: Even if the starships in Star Trek didn't appear to obey some principle of gravity, we still wouldn't have that sort of maneuvering in this game. . .and for two good reasons. One, the game engine isn't designed for that. Two, human beings aren't designed for that. Do people have any idea how disorienting 360 degree combat mechanics would be through a 2D screen of limited capabilities?