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11-30-2012, 09:41 AM
I would like to see this implemented long or short term:

1. Ability of ships to loop and roll in space gameplay
Right now space combat is somewhat 2.5D, like ships are just hovering

2. Progress to next rank above Vice admiral

3. fixing of Event timer/clock in fleet tab

4. different proc variations of fleet space weapons and introduction of Elite Space Weapons

5. Inclusion of atleast 1 Fleet Space and Ground SET

6. Fleet federation escorts- replacing 3rd Tac BOFF (ensign) with universal ensign

7. seeing current skill levels with boosts from deflectors, consoles, weapons etc.
Current accuracy, critical chance etc when you hover over weapons in space

8. Transphasic torpedos are weak. In star trek series they were most powerfull torpedos.
increase their damage against borg

9. ship weapon slots. For example. Voyager weapons in series were :
four front Beam arrays(2 on upper and 2 on lower saucer section with left, right upper down firing arcs) with 2 torpedo launchers front, 1 bottom beam array, 1 aft beam array and 2 aft torpedo launchers.
ETC for other ships
i know this is a major change. But separate Torpedo slots would make ships better
- Inclusion of beam turrets(360 arc/same damage as cannon turets) so they can benefit from beam skills

!0. PvP system leaderboard/statistic, option to remove inactive players from any game(leechers) by time spent inactive
PvP system needs also some counter to constant Carrier pets spam. In one game against KDF i have counted atleast 70 pets at same time on one small portion of map. From power syphon drones, tholian pets, orion slavers, Felkri pets etc and whole arey was populated with aceton assimilators. That kind of gameplay is truly broken, so most players avoid PvP altogether.

Hopefull we see at least some of this. Thank you for your efforts, game is great in most other aspects