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Originally Posted by rikwessels View Post
It might not be what you'd like to see but it is more likely - at this point in time - than true KDF content ( reading Dstahl's blogs shows that they are slowly backing off from KDF entirely ) .Let's face it :chance of them ever expanding KDF into a true faction - on par with FED - is a total of 0 % . Due to dwindling size of KDF population it's even safe to say that with every day passing that chance diminishes as well. They waited too long with the expansion for it to be viable to pour lots of resources in it . It simply isn't profitable anymore .
....sad and I wish it wasn't so , but it is.
I don't believe for one moment that the KDF population is dwindling. In fact I would say it's quite the opposite. Of the last 10 STF's I ran (PUGs), 3 of them were 5-men KDF. When was the last time you were on Qo'noS or in space near it? It is always packed with ships. When I did Mine Trap earlier this morning, more than half of us were KDF. Granted you can't estimate a population like that but to me it shows that the actualy percentage of people playing KDF is far higher than what they are claiming.

And I'm not totalling opposed to an end to the war. In fact you can't even call it a war. And remember that the vor'cha was actually a joint effort between Starfleet and the Empire. Imagine what ships we could invent now?