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11-30-2012, 10:22 AM
Hitler was evil, and many (during the times of World War I & II) would have stated that all Germans were evil. This isn't the case. Most of those soilders were simply following orders for fear that if they didn't, the lives of themselves and their families would be forfeit. You can't condemn humanity for the act of one man.
Hitler was one man (a loony) and yet we WERE judged on him (see some adaptions of the day the earth stood still)

As a whole, I'd think Cardassians a rather proud people; Damar seemed to think this way. Sure, some of their actions might have been questionable (Damar killing Ziyal) but from Damars point of view, Ziyal has betrayed his people.
nah they are just evil
look at the holographic one in voyager torturing a hologram
Proud peoples never occupy
they Defeat occupiers

Cardassians aren't evil. It isn't the entire species, only some select individuals.
Thats like saying that not all Ferengi like money