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11-30-2012, 10:23 AM
1 dilith from e.g stf elite to go back to 1440 its not fun to grind for 3-4 hours
2 a kdf ship as good as my vesta set not more fleet ships added (vesta is a great ship well done )
3 bigger stacks for e.g hypos and other stuff in rep system

1 more kdf content
2 rank to go up to lvl 60
3 to be able to change ship interior and crew unforms

1 playable Romulans
2 more playble content e,g story missions i do like the new stuff but i like the story missions more. i wont to know the next bit of the story.
3 more stuff added to crafting but not stuff that needs 20-100k of dilith to make like i bet your thinking about doing