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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
Hitler was one man (a loony) and yet we WERE judged on him (see some adaptions of the day the earth stood still)
The Day the Earth Stood Still is just a film, a piece of fiction ...then again, so is Star Trek.

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look at the holographic one in voyager torturing a hologram
There was a Cardassian in TNG "Lower Decks" that risked his life to get a message to the Federation. In that episode there was a dialogue between him and a Bajoran in which he stated he was tired of war. That Cardassian wasn't evil. Damar wasn't evil, he was doing what he thought right by his people. You spoke of a hologram, there was a second (female) hologram in another episode of Voyager that wasn't evil, she helped Torres I think.

You can't sum up an entire species / country as evil because of the actions of a few individuals. Look at the war in Iraq / Iran. There were stories (some of them, quite possibly true) of US solders raping and attacking civilians. Does that make all Americans evil? No it doesn't.

Just because you get a bad bunch in a crowd, it doesn't mean the entire crowd are bad people.

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Thats like saying that not all Ferengi like money
Ferengi join Starfleet. Nog has joined Starfleet. I don't recall Nog being that concerned with Latinium toward the later seasons of DS9.

Originally Posted by flash525 View Post
I can't think on minor races; boy there have been so many I've thought stupid, but I'm going to vote Kazon. They're essentially Klingon wannabees. They've a code of honour, but it's a bit backwards, they work in clans (similar to Klingon houses) and they live on dark ships that look like they're about to fall apart.
I wish to change my vote, whilst the Kazon are still unfavourable, they can go down to second place. My first place of unfavourable aliens has to go to the Wormhole Aliens.