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Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
Starfish, this really does look beautiful. BTW, what program do you use to make this? I'd love to me able to make pictures with similar LCARS and Fonts.

Minor nitpick, I noticed on the Chimera you list the price ast "Lifetime Subscription", did you know it was also available to anyone who maintained a regular subscription for 1,000 days (ie 1,000 Day Veteran Reward)?
I only use 2 programs, Microsoft Word and MS Paint. I wanted it to be simple to update, so I was more likely to do so. The fonts were free on some website I visited a year or so ago.

Good point about the Chimera! Of course. I think I will update it to just say '1000 day Veteran Reward' that way, it's covered for everything. Thanks.

EDIT: Updated, as per above.

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