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Hm no i can't play a stf without squad leader if no other tac is using it in the team, just because it has the only tac heal ability. And it's also a great buff. I'm just using two assault squad officers doffs to rez allies and to give a huge boost to my heals. I don't mean that fire team sucks but there is always situations where you'll need to buff your whole team instead of just buffing yourself. Of course squad leader has major flaws, such as the smoke grenade (although it's great when you pug) and just pa photon grenade but i like buffing my team instead of just myself. It's more effective on the long run, but if someone has this kit already then i happily switch to fire team just because it offers even better buffs in this situation.

I'm definitely not talking about a full team of tacs (that's a weird team anyway); with enemy neutralization tacs won't do any damage anyway because the eng will already wipe out the most dangerous targets and the sci will debuff it like mad. My main char is a sci and trust me when i debuff something or someone it doesn't last long.
Science officers are the masters of debuffs. Their captain skills can combined do more than -100 Damage resistance and negative resistance does not have diminishing returns. So if an enemy starts at 0 resistance, say to plasma, and you debuff them with -100 damage resistance, they will end up having -100% damage resistance to plasma. Now you are doing double plasma damage. It is something to consider in any team makeup. Another 50% damage increase at the top end, might not be as useful as another 50% debuff on your target. The new science kit has nothing to do with this though.

But lets do the math on the diminishing returns on the tactical officer side. Squad Leader has Rally Cry and Overwatch. If your resistance starts at about 44%, which is common if you are running Maco or Omega sets. Here is what happens when you run these two Buffs:
No Buffs: 44%
Rally Cry: 48.7%
Overwatch: 52.4%
Rally Cry + Overwatch: 54.6%

So at best you are looking at a 10% damage resistance increase, yielding a 10% damage reduction. We will look at the healing benefit a bit later.

Rally Cry lasts for 15 seconds but has a 2 minute cooldown. Under Tactical Initiative it doesn't allow you to chain it for a period of time. Instead you can go 15 seconds on and 15 seconds off, then 15 seconds on again under one tactical initiative. Not the most ideal for peak attack times.

Overwatch lasts for 30 seconds with a 1 minute 30 second cooldown. Under one Tactical Initiative it can be chained for 60 seconds. GREAT!

Lets look at just one skill from the fire team kit. When I buff up my Suppressing fire, on my Fire Team kit, Suppressing fire reaches -67% damage reduction to all enemies that I hit. At its lowest my Suppressing Fire is -30% damage reduction. Compared to the 10% you gain from above, the suppressing fire is a lot better when you are looking at the resulting hit point hits. Furthermore: With a good spec you can chain Suppressing fire indefinitely, without tactical initiative. So as a tactical officer, you are helping your team survive MORE with a solid buffed Suppressing fire. This is why I like the Omega gun. Quite often I will burn my Ambush with suppressing fire on a whole group, just so that the whole group of borg won't do any damage. Keep in mind, this is an ALL DAMAGE reduction. The borg's Fuse Armor also does less damage. Ever survived an assimilation because your health didn't go low enough, and you are running around with a green glow on you? Well Suppressing Fire and Dampening field are the two skills that can facilitate this.

To avoid the long post you can stop reading this post at this point. The remained of the post is a combination of bragging/details on how we run and problems I foresee:
Even if you add in the Rally Cry's heal, you will still not do as much damage mitigation as a Suppressing Fire. Furthermore Rally Cry's heals, with its long cooldown is really sad. I do like the Crit Chance and Crit Severity, but with the correct gear and team we already run above 30% crit chance. This in un-buffled! In fact with my one setup I run at a 49.4% crit chance, un-buffed! With my team buffed up we run at 56% crit chance. This is without Rally Cry and is using gear, and Captain skills. I don't want to stretch out the post further by going into the math for damage increase resulting from Rally Cry's crit boosts compared to Fire Team kit boosts. The main idea you can take away from it is that you can achieve crit damage from other gear and kit and then use your kit powers to gain focused and controlled damage. If I want to kill a specific boss fast, I can do it by timing my ambush strike, Fire on my Mark, Battle Strategies. On top of this my crit boosts are still in affect and might allow the drop to happen even faster. But I don't have to rely on my crit.

As a tactical officer you should be carrying Hypos and in an STF, also Immunosupport Nanites. Those should be the main source of keeping your hit points up. In a balanced team, your healer should be responsible for the remainder of your hit points.

Just from last night's STF run we had 3 tacs doing way above 100 DPS. We had over 7 minutes left on Infected Ground Elite optional. We ran a full Tactical Team. No Science or Engineer. 2 of the Tacs were dedicated to Supressing Fire Spray, therefore shutting down all incoming DPS. Give me motion accelerator and 7 minutes will become a joke. We are dropping Borg so fast that we are eating into each other's DPS at the moment. I cannot get to the next borg fast enough to kill them. Seriously, Yoda's light saber don't do much compared to where I will be with motion accelerator! I am going to love it!

What will Science officer and Engineers have to offer with Xenobiologist and Fabrication kit? They won't even be in the same room as me, since I will be 3 rooms ahead. Don't think this is a rare thing. We have several players with Tactical Officers that can pull this off. Min Maxing your build is looking at where the over all resulting damage increase occurs and where the over all damage reduction occurs. It would be better if they start putting groups of Elite Tactical Drones into STFs. That way pure DPS stomping won't be so simple and instead we will need those Science and Engineer officers. BUT, They will still not do well with the kits listed above. More than ever the Engineer will need that WM. Under Tactical Initiative an Engineer can let loose a WM every 4 seconds.