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11-30-2012, 01:38 PM
Fabrication Kit, great for pugging or running with low skill players.
With the Enemy Neutralization Kit you can control where your dps is and deliver a high spike to the borg and continue on your way as well as you don't have agro that is not wanted, that can happen from the Fab Kit.
Fire Team Kit is an awesome enhancement very dangerous now if you want to plow through stfs and farm them like studs, now all we need is for the rest of the kits from the sci and engi's to catch up for me to have a reason to dust off my toons.

Xeno kit is super lame, always will be lame, nothing else needs to be said about it, come on cryptic give us kits that are more useful to us or give us all types of kits that can be made by the romulans. These that are here range from great fire team 12, mediocre Fab Kit 12, and straight useless Xeno 12. Give us the variety of kits and some different mods on them, or do you want us all to run the same kits, personally variety is much better, but that is just me.