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11-30-2012, 02:07 PM
Oh mighty and powerful PvP Ship Building Gods of the Forums, I come to you in my time of need.

Let me just start by saying...Pvp--not my forte--in fact I tend to stay far far away from it. BUT! You fine folks of this particular section of the forums know you're stuff when building ships so I come to you on both knees begging for help.

Recently, I have found myself playing a bit of the Red Side. Got myself a little science captain who's closing in on 40. I find myself eyeballing the hell out of that Vo'quv Carrier (Fed side I bomb about in cruisers, and I know about the Vo'quv's terribad turn rate - lets just get that out of the way)

Now! I plan on rocking me some carrier when I hit 40, and am deadset on this particular one (Mainly cause it's just way too damn big) but from all my scouring of the inter-webs I can't for the life of me find some advice that pertains to me (a science captain) and what I do find is all about some torpedoes or turrets (both of which I am not a fan of)

I don't mind playing the healer - in fact I prefer it - but I'd like to get something going that'll let me do solo/dailies with ease. Not sure where to start--so here I am.

In essence (TLDR):
- Gonna rock a Vo'quv
- Need decent build
- Preferably beam boat (I hate torps and turrets)
- Want suggestions

Whew...think I've said what I need to. Well...except maybe...


EDIT: Sidenote - This is the only ship/faction I have considered PvPing in - so, any recommendations on healboat/support ship with this is also welcome!

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