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11-30-2012, 02:40 PM
I have only readen OP, first page and last one, so I'm not going to support or negate anything,
it would take too long to read all the necessary, surely interesting, opinions, to reply,
and this game takes *enough* time without need to spend too much of it in forums too.

So I only say what I want simple: Bring doff system back.

It was a major part of the fun of this game when you have few time to play. Now it's a dead feature like crafting.
You cannot seriously proceed by killing previous *fun* to replace with more *grind* too long.
You should build on what you have done well, improve it, and add new ones without ruining what worked.

It is a great game, with lots of new fun content constantly added. But you REALLY need to care about economy.
Or this will became unsustainable and people will leave in mass. Soon there no longer will be those who ask for your stuff, they'll have gone too.
I constructively suggest to make a U-turn before the milking factory explodes. (Fun to imagine, not to live)