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From the bug reports, Tribble server section:

This stabilized my game as a short term solution. After not being able to really fly around or do missions since the season 7 launch, I finished up the mission I kept crashing in, did the Explore New Worlds thing for dilithium, and the dilithium mining asteroid near Bajor, all without a stutter personally. I played it safe and had some of the optional settings slightly lower than he suggested, and had no issues. Maybe it will help some of you too.
Yes, that works for most ppl, but will lag a little. Today i fixed my problem, game works flawless now on high settings. I ve rolled back drivers to those from laptop manufacturer, they are from 2010. Also i have deleted the following files:

~\Cryptic Studios\localdata\GamePrefs.pref
~\Cryptic Studios\Star Trek Online\Live\Localdata\GamePrefs.pref

and everything from cache here

~\Cryptic Studios\Star Trek Online\Live\cache\

If you want to try deleting and rolling back drivers, wich i dont necesarely adivse to, you should make a backup for all files you delete. Actualy these two "fixes" rolling back driver and deleting config files were suggested to me by game support in a ticket on this matter.

For me it worked , now game runs very well on max settings, but if you dont want to complicate yourself just stick to those settings wich dont crash video driver.
Unfortunately now i have a bigger problem, for two days i get disconnected every ~15 minutes. They really need to fix this disconnecting issue as really makes game unplayable.