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Hey there,

Since the last patch (30th november) do the borg starships in stfs seem a bit tougher? running an ISE with 4 people and the ships seem to be doing a lot more damage that normal.

Im no stranger to stfs, ive ran many, but things like 2k DoT damage, without a plasma torpedo/burn icon appearing?

A regular SPHERE* damaged me for 42K through full shields, (i think sphere as the tactical cube was close, but it was targeting an ally..)

Another person on the team flew near the tactical cube and believes she was 1shotted, im inclined to believe atm :|

(i am a tactical captain, in RA vorcha running standard EPtS 1/2, TSS1 HE2, tact team x2, etc, admitedly using the breen set, but otherwise i shouldnt have had this much trouble..)

Anyone else feeling something different?

Please dont flame me for qq'ing when the game is easy, something certainly FEELS wrong in that last stf

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