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Whether I agree with DDIS or disagree, makes no difference. Doesn't matter if YOU agree or disagree either. But when you see a statement like this from him you KNOW that means something is BORKED with the system. DDIS LIVES to get information. I'm sure he calls it 'data' or 'input' when he's muttering over a spreadsheet. Freaking Johnnie Five rebooted.

Another guy I know doffs about 27 hours a day. I'm pretty sure he no longer bathes, and only says he has a cat so as to pass off the giant litter box next to his desk. I mentioned that I was stacking battery doffs and asked his opinion.

Me: (sultry, somewhat smokey voice) So......I'm stacking battery doffs.
Him: (smitten, yet obviously confused) wut?
Me: (lilting, lyrical laughter,like rainbows) The on use battery doffs, I'm using three.
Him: (does drool have a sound?) wut?

So. Back to my question. What think? 3 doffs. I use dual system batteries. One or two SDO, Hazards, or tech for the 25 to aux when cloaked. (I use that as it takes effect as soon as you try to cloak, nice boost0
if anything you said about me was true, there would be a lot more builds posted in this thread already! i am contently reminded by how much i don't know or didn't get right, yesterday its particle gens not buffing torp plasma proc, today it was APD lol. i only started parceling damage logs the other day after all this time. though i admit, looking at the numbers is slightly arousing...

were do you get all those dual batteries? they seem like a rare commodity to just eat through all the time. i got 1 of those very rare batery doffs, mant eng i think, from an officer exchange. boy was i suprised. have just been hanging on to it too. same thing with one of those SNB doffs, love those officer exchanges. those aux buffing tech doffs look very nice for bops, especially brels.

the majority of doffs out there i just don't have personal experience with, and wile some of the new ones in the newest pack are very interesting, they are all rare and expensive at the moment, assuming you can find them in an exchange category at all.

any ship with a low number of eng stations i would recommend damage control doffs so EPtX skills don't eat up those limited slots. have at least 2 LT eng slots? think about a 2 AtB build then, except in the steamrunners case. besides that, the extra shield heals from BFI doffs, cant go wrong there.

sci ships especially rely on their doffs heavily to be effective. without doffs, most sci skills are simply below a good effectiveness level.
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