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11-30-2012, 04:12 PM
Originally Posted by jimmyradiation View Post
In essence (TLDR):
- Gonna rock a Vo'quv
- Need decent build
- Preferably beam boat (I hate torps and turrets)
- Want suggestions

Whew...think I've said what I need to. Well...except maybe...


EDIT: Sidenote - This is the only ship/faction I have considered PvPing in - so, any recommendations on healboat/support ship with this is also welcome!
the next few things im gunna post hrere are some sci ship builds from the old thread, some bop builds and some carrier builds. when ever i give myself time to do that. might be carriers first.

these 3 things i have little experience in, but i know the abilities and how they fit together well, so i should be able to come up with a decent baseline to get started on.
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