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11-30-2012, 03:32 PM
lol your all so far up your own asses its not even funny, there are many a people in this game that have done the same as me and would like this to be in the game.
Any of you want to see how much of an idiot i am come pvp me in game, you are not devs and to me sound like free loaders that dont even put a dime in the game. There is a cool down inbetween searchs on the exchange does that need to be there???? no that was a waste of time by the devs and all this crap they have made in s7 that they are now having to put back to how it used to be in s6, just cos you dont like the idea doesnt mean its a waste of time so usless you have something to add to the topic other then looking for an argument (must have an empty life) then piss off and dont reply, the topic started off ok till the likes of you started with your im better than you attitude, lol bedroom warriors make me laugh

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