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Yes, yes, of course! We'll let some weak Romulan colony go so that we can 'prepare ourselves' to fight a rather laughable excuse for Iconians (Iconians that differ quite a bit from how the novelizations depict them. . .which are the only thing that have information about Iconians beyond surface depictions). Oh, the Iconians are returning to subvert and conquer us all! As if we didn't have enough plotlines going on with the effing Borg, Undine, Federation-Klingon war, etc.

I'm not buying this Iconian-war bull****, and I never have tbh. It's always been a unnecessary sideshow in my mind, to make the Romulan story arc a little more 'interesting'.
It's the other war around - the Romulans, FvK war, Undine, etc are all part of the Iconian storyline.