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So. I like to use Impulse Capacitance Cell in PvP to escape from sticky situations. This usually includes when I'm hit with slowdowns/plasma, as the cell usually boosts my speed enough to get me out of the immediate combat zone into a potentially safe cloaking environment. In the past, I've had little trouble using Impulse Capacitance Cell to rocket out of the battlezone, even with warp plasma on me. It's saved my fragile BoP's paper-thin hull more than once. I've recently started noticing that Warp Plasma is a little tougher to escape from nowadays. As in, it slows me down enough to where I'm barely limping out of the plasma.

Perhaps it was just something the plasma-happy Feddie used to increase the effectiveness of his plasma? Or has there been a subtle buff of warp plasma/nerf of Impulse Capacitance Cell?

Oh, and I wasn't getting sci-spammed with other slowdowns (Graviton Pulse, chronitons, etc), which is the only other situation I've experienced that can do that to Impulse Capacitance Cell.