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11-30-2012, 03:53 PM
Originally Posted by zorandra View Post
Thing is its hard to ban people for using something that shouldn't be on the live server in the first place. I really blame the people that release bugs like voldemort and items like the jem shields to live without proper testing.

Think of it like this p2wsucks, if you where a newbie logged into the game after downloading it from steam and you where using game braking buggs in sto and got banned, how cool would that be?
If it was avoidable and I was warned I'd expect it. In fact I can't think of an exploited bug I've heard of that wasn't avoidable in this game.

Shield regen bug/exploit
TBR bug/exploit
Plas Leech bug/exploit
Jem Shield bug/exploit


This is about people knowingly cheat and there being no pushiment to discourage the cheating. Seriously, the example he gave actually DC'd people and prevented them playing the game ...