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11-30-2012, 04:20 PM
I do get it now.. I drove to taco bell and on the way, I thought about it more.

All exploits are errors either in the conceptualization of the code or the code itself.

What you are trying to say is that you will act when you can prove "intent', and when you are unable to prove intent, you do not act and fix the code.

What I say to that is allow us to report the exploiters. Then when you can prove that they did exploit, you send them a warning. The 2nd time they have to be warned about the same thing, then you can ban them. You can ban them at that point because you have established a paper trail of wrong doing.

In this case, you were able to get the fix out the door rather quickly, but harm was still done to all parties. You should still never encourage the use of a coding error and give it free reign like you did. You should establish a clear procedure of what will happen if one gets caught until a fix is deployed and state that they should not use the "coding error".

I know that I pay you guys well for a good experience on this game, and I have not enjoyed myself for the past week with this voldemort bug.
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