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11-30-2012, 04:24 PM
When is the last time you played a STF? The Borg have been buffed severely since the start of Season 7, part I think is balance with the new Reputation passives, as well as the new Embassy science consoles, but it was admitted by the devs that the Borg have been doing more damage than they should in the last 'Ask Cryptic'.

Tac Cubes can engage multiple targets, and are now equipped with Fire at Will.

They seem to have some uber-debuffs now on top of everything else. I was checking ship hardware to make sure everything was slotted right in my Fleet Scourge during an STF, and I found that my hull repair rate was 17%... which shouldn't be that low even with all crew dead and I think there was some crew still living. Then it jumped back up to 110% a few seconds later.

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