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My whole point was that instead of pushing out copy/paste content to have us wait a few weeks after the feds get theirs for us to get the same mission from a different point of view.

The Klingons and Federation are two completely different organisations but from how Cryptic have portrayed them they both think and act exactly the same, thus making the whole war situation a bit... pants.

I understand that they have time constraints and even financial constraints and that is why we get these copy/paste situations but honestly it would be far more rewarding for the community and Cryptic if they just delayed KDF content for the month/season after its Federation release so that it can get a true KDF feel to it.

It would also bolster the numbers of KDF players as Feds would be curious to what the missions were like and thus boost sales for KDF content in the store.

My biggest issue with STO has always been the way the whole setting does not make sense because both factions are identical in what content they share other than simple aesthetics.
You touch on a lot of good points here. Would fans/players be willing to wait for faction-specific mission? I think yes, some have waited for nearly 3 year now for anything-KDF -specific. I haven't been playing STO exclusively for those three years, but even when not playing, I'm still waiting...

Somehow, all those Cthulhu-looking things on New Romulus... I don't feel like my Gorn should be 'tagging' them (giggiddy) but rather mowing them down in a frenzy of disruptor fire, and setting the big one at the back of the river on fire.

I find it hard to play any of my KDF toons on New Romulus. The mission break my immersion in my character. I'm a f&%$ing Lieutenant General. The Fehk'iri tremble at the sound of my name. I have slaughtered countless Borg. I have chartered fluidic space. I have faced the Undine, and lived to tell the tale. Women want me, men want to be me, and immigrants want to take night classes and learn Klingon so they can talk about soccer with me.

But, yeah, sure, you need someone to go water the plants, I'm your man little Romulan friend. Nope, nothing else on the schedule for today, guess I must have done killed it all.

I also think releasing KDF-version content a few weeks/month later, it would give Feds something to do now and then something to do later as well. It would definitely be a tease to some long-standing Fed-exclusive players, to simply try the other faction out.

Also, it wouldn't feel the same as a Fed playing the mission on his Fed alt (even when it's his KDF alt). Idk, a player might get 'immersed' more into the KDF, and actually play it more (or, at least take it more seriously).

I always thought Facility 2049-or w/e would be terrific to play as a 'remastered' KDF mission, where you had to break someone out of Rurha Penthe.