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Originally Posted by aestu View Post
Trolling in STO in all forms is caused by the unusual propensity of the game to attract very small and vulnerable people. This is true of bullies as well as victims.

The degree of petty behavior that seems unique to STO is typical of neither Trekkies nor MMOs in general. WoW's community has more than its share of children and idiots; GW2 and TERA, respectively, seem to appeal to women and men who have gender/personal confidence issues. GW1's community alone is excellent.

STO is unique for being played by what I would call a lot of "wannabe hall monitors". I believe this is due to the excessive degree of militarism and P2W in the game design; it attracts too many people who want the trappings of power.

I believe that the best thing that can be done to prevent trolling is to make the game more demanding and offer superlative rewards only for coordinated efforts. Perhaps also shrink group sizes and somehow encourage players to repeat queue with the same people.

People will drop the 'tude and work together if they have no choice. That's human nature.
excellent post, totally agree.
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