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Originally Posted by malkarris View Post
So a blog, to tell us all the details will be in another blog.

I suppose I should be used to this sort of thing from STO by now, but on the off hand that this will count for something, next time there is some big event or release coming up Brandon, or whoever is in charge of writing and publishing these things, consider putting out the blog before all the information in it has already been shown in some other source.

As another example, all those blogs on the build up to season 7 about the new Romulan mark missions might have been better if they had come out before we could actually play the missions in question on Tribble. It might have helped get more people on Tribble.

Likewise, if you had put this blog out before we could see the date for Q's winter wonderland on the calendar in game, it might have been worth something. As it is, its not worth it.
Dude... Are you Borg? If so... remind us not to liberate you! You don't deserve such a privilege! Oh wait... maybe you're Sheldon Cooper? Oh, that would make more sense actually... You sound so like Sheldon now that I think about it! Oh... Sorry Sheldon!

Back on topic: Anyone else read that blog in the voice of Q? I know I did!

Very well written Cryptic team! and not only do I look forward to the start of the event itself, but I also look forward to the next blog post revealing more juicy details!

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