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11-30-2012, 05:37 PM
Originally Posted by gilion View Post
Why does everyone hate on the Gal-X? Sure its not as good as it can be but its not useless like everyone seems to think it is. I find it very useful in STFs.

Now, can we have saucer sep for it? PLEEEEESSE!
Look its a Galaxy with the ability to use DHCs that can barely use unless its a stationary target and a special attack that it can barely use unless its against a stationary target.

But that is not really the issue, the issue is the BO layout is a copy of the Galaxy class that was never meant to use DHCs, also it lacks any Science skills so its usefulness as support is limited to Eng abilities.

Tactically there are better cruisers, support the Galaxy does the same and better if it needs because the Galaxy can separate and turn into a light cruiser, the Galaxy-X cannot even beat the Galaxy because at least Saucer Separation gives it "something", the Galaxy-X can only do one thing.

Heavy fire support.

Thats it and it works on STFs because you are usually facing slow moving or stationary targets, I understand as SFTs go the Galaxy-X is a good option for some roles but its because how STFs usually put you against HP bloated enemies that do a lot of damage but dont usually move very much (only the Assimilated Qin is a problem) so it plays into what the Galaxy-X can actually do.